The Making of a Campus IIM Bangalore


By Kiran Keswani

A book that tells the story of the architecture of IIM Bangalore an of the people who have inhabited its spaces and made it into the place that it is.

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A campus is a place formed by its buildings but also by the spaces in between. This book tells the story of the making of the IIM Bangalore campus (designed by B.V. Doshi, A. Kanvinde and Sanjay Mohe) and of the people who have inhabited its spaces and made it into the place that it is. It shares how this campus came into being and how it has been experienced over time. The key question it asks is: In an institutional campus, how does one allow for change and simultaneously express a continuity with the past? It is hoped that it would be interesting for both those who have been a part of its growth as well as the architectural community who admire it immensely for the creative inputs and the evolving design language that have shaped it.



The Making of a Campus IIM Bangalore


210 x 295 mm


Kiran Keswani




Architecture, Campus Design







   Publication date

September 2023

About the authors

Kiran Keswani is Co-founder, Everyday City Lab that focuses on design, research and teaching pertaining on public spaces. Prior to this, Kiran has had an architectural and urban design practice for over 20 years. She trained with the architect Balkrishna Doshi at his studio, Sangath in Ahmedabad (1991–92) and holds a PhD in Urban design. She has taught urban Design studios at CEPT University, Ahmedabad and elective courses on architecture and design at Azim Premji University and IIM Bangalore. Her recent publications include a paper in the Journal of Urban Design (2019) and a chapter in the Routledge Handbook on Urban Design Research Methods (2023). She is a recipient of the Earthwatch Europe grant for 2022–23 for research related to nature in the city.

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