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By Riyaz Tayyibji

The architecture of Ahmedabad ranges from the ancient to the very modern, from the Mughals to the last works of the contemporary Indian architects, including Le Corbusier and Louis Kahn. It is now one of the centres of modern and contemporary design (and also the home of the 2018 edition Pritzker prize, architect B.V. Doshi) and has a prominent university campus, along with Mahatma Gandhi’s Sabarmati Ashram on the riverbank. In addition, the historic walled city of Ahmedabad has been the first city in India to be Inscribed in UNESCO’s World Heritage City list of 2017.

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June 2017

About the author

Riyaz Tayyibji is an architect and partner of the architecture office Anthill Design in Ahmedabad. Graduated from the School of Architecture CEPT, Ahmedabad where he has been Associate Professor at the Faculty of Architecture. He is project coordinator at the Gandhi Heritage Sites Mission, constituted by the Indian Parliament. He has been the recipient of the Gold Medal from the Indian Institute of Engineers and Architects for his study on Ahmedabad. He has also been involved in curating exhibitions on contemporary Indian architecture and urbanism, including the traveling exhibition ‘Discovering Ahmedabad: Annals of Reinvention’.

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We have been and remain frequent visitors to India, and as architects fascinated by its history, culture, architecture and urbanism. Altrim’s dedicated guides for Chandigarh and Ahmedabad fill a huge gap in the market, providing bespoke self guided walking tours, with detailed information, photos and plans. The walks we have taken based on the books have introduced us to people, owners, history, design, culture and architecture. That such beautifully presented books could, and continue, to do this, time after time, speaks volumes about the dedication and content that has gone into creating them. There is nothing quite like them in India, or indeed elsewhere in Europe or North America. Truly unique, indispensable, everlasting, essential.

Owen O’Carroll Architect & Urban Designer

Professor Mary Jane Rooney, Architect & Educator



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