MIQUEL ALVAREZ TRINCADO, passió per l’arquitectura / pasión por la arquitectura


By Ariadna Alvarez Garreta

Published for the first time, this is the complete works of the great Catalan architect who has left much of his legacy in Barcelona. He formed part of the generation of the Escola de Barcelona generation before leaving to continue his own career in fashion and trends. An architect by vocation, he made his profession his life without neglecting his passions: culture, motorcycles and travel. Discover all this in this monograph, including texts by fellows and associates from his studio, ALTRIM.

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Ariadna Alvarez Garreta




Architecture – Monograph




Bilingual Spanish – Catalan



   Publication date

October 2015

About the Author

Ariadna A. Garreta is an architect, writer and publisher. She has completed her Master’s degree from the Barcelona Technical School of Architecture (ETSAB).She has been practising architecture with her father, Dr. Miquel Alvarez Trincado at Altrim Studio from 1999 till 2008. She has written for several Catalan and Spanish newspapers and Design and Architecture magazines. Her books include Skyscrapers (Atrium 2001), Skyscrapers Architects (Atrium 2003), Hesperia Tower Chronicle of a Project (Actar D, 2006), Sportectura (Actar D, 2007), Seating Together (Actar D, 2009), Living in High Density, Architecture for the Future (Linksbooks, 2010) and MAT passió per l’arquitectura (Altrim 2015).

In 2010, she founded the Barcelona-based publishing company Altrim Publishers to provide a new platform for the promotion of architecture. She has published the Chandigarh Architectural Travel Guide (2014) and the MAT monograph (2015). She has been the Director of CEPT University Press, Ahmedabad. She is currently working on developing the Indian and South Asia Architectural City Guides series.

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