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By Adnan Morshed, Amparo Porta, Basurama , Héctor Fernández Elorza, Iñaki Alday, J. Arcos, Javed Jalil, J. Sánchez Merina, J.M. Aparicio Guisado, Kuntal Barai, Maksuda Iqbal Nipa, Marian Planelles, Paco Mejias Villatoro, Pierre Auclair-Desmoulins, Rensje Teerink, R. García Rubio, Sajid-Bin-Doza, Salma Abedin Prithi, Shahidul Alam, Silvia Rovelli, Tanzil Shafique and Tor Torhaug. An Altrim and AECID (Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation) book.

If you open this book on a random page, without a plan, in an attempt to satisfy the curiosity that we may have been able to awaken with the haphazardly arranged letters of the title on the cover. You might have wondered whether this is a travel guide, a book of short stories or a collection of essays on the city after which it has been named. Our first objective in this edition is to arouse curiosity among readers and visitors of bookshops and libraries. If we managed to achieve that goal through the graphical layout of the cover, we may as well reveal now why it is called Dhaka Totem, and we would like to invite you to roam through its pages in the unknown and enigmatic capital of Bangladesh. Welcome on board.


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By Manisha Shodhan Basu

The Shodhan house, built in the mid-1950s in Ahmedabad (India), much referred to among architects and historians but rarely visited and documented in its reality, has remained a mystery and a curiosity for most due to the private nature of its owner. In 2008, a book revealed the secrets of this villa for the very first time. MSB Publishers has reedited this iconic title distributed in Europe by Altrim Publishers.



During the month of September, we launched the newest titles such as the Jaipur and Dhaka book guides, along with the Architectural Travel Guides series, in Barcelona and Madrid.
We’re happy with the response from the audience and also really thankful to the institutions and bookshops who hosted us. 

If you are interested in launching any of our books, please contact us.

(Clockwise from top left) At Casa Asia Madrid, launching the DAC-DHAKA book with architects Héctor Fernández Elorza, Jesús Aparicio and Altrim’s Chief Editor Ariadna A. Garreta. The launch was conducted by Menene Gras, the Culture and Exhibitions Director at Casa Asia. At the Madrid College of Architecture’s bookshop, ETSAM, with professors Luís Basabe and Luís Palacios launching the Indian Architectural Travel Guides series. At Altaïr bookshop, Barcelona, launching the DAC-DHAKA book with journalist Igor. G. Barbero and architect Octavio Mestre. And closing the launching promo set, at the Barcelona Indian Cultural Centre, where Ariadna A. Garreta launched the JAI-JAIPURbook with Deepti Golani, who also introduces to the audience the city of Jaipur from a cultural and sociological approach.